Gilman International Property Sales

Gilman have been selling property internationally since the company was founded in 1988. The company specialises in distressed property sales and buying property quickly off market from clients who need a fast and discreet property sale.

“In 2013 alone the Gilman Group purchased over 530 properties across the globe from sellers who needed a fast and reliable property sale”

If you sell to sell your property fast then Gilman can help

  • An international quick property sale service
  • Residential, commercial and business properties bought fast
  • Off market property sales, refurbishments and development
  • Failed auction property bought
  • Property bought due to probate, emigration and repossession
  • Property purchased quickly from receivership and bankruptcy
  • Assistance and help with home repossession
  • Mortgage rescue service
  • Sale and rent back options
  • Houses bought fast for cash anywhere

Recent successful property sales

5 bed room holiday home in Florida. The property needed to be sold quickly to raise cash due to the owners financially problems. Gilman purchased the property for $435,000,000 with a 14 day window at 85% of its market valuation.

2 Bedroom terrace property in Sale, Manchester, UK. Gilman purchased this property quickly from fast house buyers Ask Susan and helped the owners avoid house repossession. This property sale was completed quickly in less than a week at 80% of the market valuation.

A commercial office building was purchased for £1.2 Million from receivership. The building was successfully redeveloped and refurbished. The building is currently for sale on the market.

What are partners and customers saying:

Having been involved in many of the property sales over the past 10 years I can honestly say that the team at Gilman property sales are true professionals who have extensive market knowledge and are natural problem solversAlexander’s Online
We’ve worked with Gilman on a number of property sales where the owner was facing repossession and need to sell their house quickly. We’ve been really impressed by the speed and commitment of their teamJohn Matthews Repossession Stoppers